Step 1

Search for a country, state, or region to create your design

Please note, it can take some time to load the outline for very large areas.

Step 2

Click on the outline to set your start and end points

Your design will be the border between the two points.

Use the scissors to create your design.

You don't have to stick to just coastlines! Any part of the border will work.

clear design
Start designing with:

Once you have your start and end points on the map, your design will appear here!

flip design

Step 3

Choose your product

Necklace Pair

Step 4

Choose your material

Sterling Silver $145 $95 $245

Brass $135 $85 $225

Bamboo $75 $120

Black Acrylic $85 $130

White Acrylic $85 $130

Black Nylon $35

Step 5

Add a postcard note (optional)

Each piece of jewelry comes with a postcard showing how the design was made.
Add a personalized message on the back below.

Step 6

All set?

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